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Our KnowGood management team

Meet the founding team responsible for bringing KnowGood to life. Having worked in corporates, fast-growing startups as well as their own e-Commerce businesses, our core management team brings with them years of experience working in and growing companies of all shapes and sizes.


Co-founder & CEO

Jack bloody loves business and can’t wait to help you with yours. With 10+ years of digital marketing and operational experience in a variety of corporate, agency and startup roles, as both an employee and business owner, Jack has the skills to deliver results for your e-Commerce business. He is passionate about helping businesses solve complex challenges through digital, and will work closely with you to sustainably and profitably grow your business as if it was his own.


head of performance

Max is our go-to problem solver, working with teams inside the agency and directly with brands to solve complex business, brand, marketing, and technology problems. He connects the dots between your customers’ needs and wants with those often elusive business and marketing goals. If you’re searching for a strategy geek with a golden voice, Max is your man. And until you need him by your side, he’ll likely be busy planning out his latest e-Commerce idea.



A natural people person, Millie loves working with clients to bring to life their vision. She’s an avid start-up enthusiast and immerses herself in all things digital. As a founder of multiple e-Commerce businesses, she knows the agony and ecstasy of running one. She plays the long game. Going against the grain in an era of instant gratification, selfies, shares and likes. She treats digital marketing much the same as she does her marathon training – slow, steady and persistent!

Why choose us

We started KnowGood Digital as we love growing digital businesses and helping business owners achieve greater success in their digital marketing efforts. We're motivated by lining your pockets rather than ours and our simple goal is to leave every business in a better position than before we started.

Small team

We’re a small team of digital experts, skilled in digital advertising, operations, web development and data analysis. But we focus these skills on doing one thing well, helping digital businesses grow.

Client cap

We only work with a select number of clients that we feel we can genuinely make a difference to. In turn, there’s no account managers, just direct access to the digital pros growing your business.

Lived experience

We run our own eCommerce and app businesses and have deep expertise in building and scaling companies across multiple niches. We only provide advice or suggest services that we use in our own businesses.

Now that you know us, we’d love to get to know you!

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